Wat Traimit, thought to date from the 13th century, would hardly rate a second glance if not for its astonishing Buddha image, which is nearly 3m (9 3/4 ft.) high, weighs over 5 tons, and is believed to be cast of solid gold. It was discovered by accident in 1957 when, covered by a plaster image, it was dropped from a crane during a move. The impact shattered the outer shell, revealing the shining gold beneath. This powerful image is truly dazzling and is thought to have been cast during the Sukhothai period. It was perhaps covered with plaster to hide it from Burmese invaders. Pieces of the stucco are also on display at the site.

It’s worth paying an additional 40B at the ticket counter to enter the Yaowarat Chinatown Heritage Center (Tue-Sun 8am-5pm; 3rd floor of the temple complex) to learn about the rich history of Bangkok’s Chinatown and the people who call this fascinating neighborhood home.