Its name means “new market” in Thai but this Chinese-Thai lane off Yaowarat Road is more than 200-years-old. On the narrow street are vendors babbling in Chinese near hidden Daoist temples, selling traditional Chinese market goods, like funeral supplies; it feels more like China than Thailand. Shop the stalls selling dried shrimp and squid, fresh fish, pork rinds, seasonings, loose-leaf teas, goji berries, and more. Midway down the lane is an unmarked side street with a quiet temple and at the end, you’ll find stacks of paper effigies (the latest iPhones, Rolex watches, and Gucci slippers are common sights) along with ceremonial incense, candles, and more used for Chinese funerals. One warning: Motorcycles wiz down the alley without much care or caution for pedestrians’ toes, so look out.