113km (70 miles) SW of Salvador

Once you get a taste for this part of Bahia you may want to explore farther south. The Marau Peninsula is a magical place where deserted beaches and unspoiled scenery are still easily found. The main village of Barra Grande sits at the very top of the peninsula that juts out into the Bay of Camamu, the third-largest bay in all Brazil. Part of what has helped preserve the beaches in this region is the limited access. Wedged in between the Atlantic on the east and the enormous bay and its many islands on the west there are no real roads to speak of (although Itacaré is only 50km/31 miles from Barra Grande, it is a 3-hr. drive in a 4*4) so most visitors arrive by boat from Camamu. What they come for are the miles and miles and miles (and miles!) of unspoiled beaches, the beautiful bay and islands, mangroves and lagoons, the Atlantic rainforest and bromeliads, and the excellent food and accommodations. Most visitors stay in or near Barra Grande. It offers a number of excellent bed-and-breakfasts and several great restaurants set amid lots of green in a sleepy village with streets made of sand. A must-see day trip, or even better as an overnight visit, is Taipu de Fora, listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.