This bright and trendy chain specializing in Taiwanese food brings in the hipster crowds. There are multiple locations throughout town and this newer branch in the Sanlitun shopping area is always bustling. The food here is consistently delicious. The soft, silky cold tofu with preserved egg and peanuts is a great starter. The braised pork, lurou, where slices of pork belly meet soy gravy, is a tasty classic. Order the sanbei ji chicken, cooked in rice wine, sesame oil, and soy sauce, and you won't be disappointed. The enormous shaved ice desserts are also not to be missed—the peanut butter one is heaven! The waitstaff, mostly women with short, hip haircuts, provides service with a chipper attitude. The interiors are slick, with plush purple banquette seating, mirrored walls, and mosaic ceilings.