Things to See in Beijing

Sightseeing in Beijing can be an overwhelming prospect. No other city in China, and few other cities in the world, offers so many must-see attractions. It is technically possible to see the big names -- the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Pal...  Read more >

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Ancient Observatory (Gu Guanxiang Tai) Museum
Bai Ta Si (White Dagoba Temple) Religious Site
Baiyun Guan Religious Site
Bei Hai Gongyuan (Beihai Park) Park/Garden
Beijing Haiyangguan (Beijing Aquarium) Zoo/Aquarium
Beijing Huanle Gu (Happy Valley Amusement Park) Park/Garden
Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall (Beijing Guihua Bowyuguan) Museum
Capital Museum (Shoudu Bowuguan) Museum
Chairman Mao's Mausoleum (Mao Zhuxi Jinian Guan) Landmark
China National Film Musuem (Zhongguo Dianying Bowuguan) Museum
Da Zhong Si (Great Bell Temple) Religious Site
Dixia Cheng (Underground City) Historic Site
Dong Tang (East Church or St. Joseph's Cathedral) Religious Site
Dong Yue Miao Religious Site
Factory 798 (Qijiuba Gongchang) Gallery
Fahai Si Religious Site
Fayuan Si (Source of Dharma Temple) Religious Site
Gudai Qianbi Zhanlanguan (Ancient Coin Exhibition Hall) Museum
Guo Zi Jian and Kong Miao Religious Site
Huguang Guild Hall (Huguang Huiguan Xilou) The Performing Arts
Jing Shan Gongyuan (Jing Shan Park) Park/Garden
Lao She Jinianguan (Former Residence of Lao She) Historic Site
Lidai Diwang Miao (Temple of Past Emperors) Religious Site
Liu Ren Papercut House (Liu Ren Jianzhi Wu) Gallery
Mei Lanfang Grand Theatre The Performing Arts
Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution (Junshi Bowuguan) Museum
Milu Yuan (Milu Park) Park/Garden
Ming Chengqiang Gongyuan (Ming City Wall Park) Park/Garden
Museum of Ancient Architecture (Gudai Jianzhu Bowuguan) Museum
National Arts & Crafts Museum (Zhongguo Gongyi Meishuguan) Museum
National Museum of China (Guojia Bowuguan) Museum
Niu Jie Libai Si (Ox Street Mosque) Religious Site
Olympic Park (Aolinpike Gongyuan) Park/Garden
Prince Gong's Mansion (Gong Wang Fu) Historic Site
Qian Men (Front Gate) Historic Site
Ri Tan Gongyuan (Ri Tan Park) Park/Garden
Song Qingling Guju (Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling) Historic Site
Sony ExploraScience (Suoni Tan Meng) Museum
Tai Miao Historic Site
Teahouse of Prince Gong's Mansion (Gong Wang Fu Chaguan) The Performing Arts
Tian Yi Mu Historic Site
Tian'an Men (Gate of Heavenly Peace) Historic Site
Wanshou Si (Beijing Art Museum) Museum
Wu Ta Si (Five Pagoda Temple) Religious Site
Yonghe Gong (Lama Temple) Religious Site
Yuan Ming Yuan Park/Garden