This popular institution is famed for its Beijing roast duck, and rightly so—it's done remarkably well here. The skin comes out crispy and the meat is moist. The accoutrements include a thin crepe-like wrapper, julienned green onion, and a tangy plum sauce. For an unexpected burst of flavor, dip the skin into the small platter of sugar provided—it makes for a sublime combination of sweet and salty. The birds, which come in whole or half orders, are known for being less greasy and fatty than other restaurants' versions. You can also order other duck dishes, including a flavorful soup, or a tasty fried rice with duck liver. The restaurant's décor is bright and modern: There are the obligatory round tables with lazy Susans, but the sleek white chairs and nice tableware create a more upscale feel than your typical duck restaurant. Bustling crowds keep the noise level at a low roar, making for a lively night out.