From the first steps through the courtyard's mist-covered entrance to the small grove of bamboo trees in the back, the focus at this elegant, upscale restaurant is on the bounty of nature. Vegetables reign supreme here. The "monkey's head" mushroom, cooked in a sweet and sour sauce, is satisfyingly chunky. The truffle-grilled crispy rice squares are a crunchy mouthful, while the braised spicy tofu leaves a kick with its Sichuan peppercorn flavoring. The wine list is lengthy, but the more interesting drinks are healthy infusions of hawberry juice, palm juice, or chilled papaya milk. Though a traditional courtyard on the outside, the restaurant's interior is a modern melding of natural elements like wood and stone. Dining spaces are separated by stacked wood panels that create a sense of privacy while maintaining an airy feel. Reserve seats in the tranquil outdoor courtyard when the weather is good.