This ambitious and impressive museum, which opened to huge fanfare in 2012, tells the story of the Titanic in revelatory detail. Located next to the site where the doomed vessel was built, the angular aluminum-clad frontage juts out in four directions at the height of the ship’s actual bow. You can explore the museum yourself or take an hour-long “Discovery Tour” of its innovative galleries. Exhibitions cover everything from the Titanic’s construction to her triumphant launch, disastrous sinking, and the lasting cultural phenomenon that rose in her wake. A special ride takes you on a virtual tour of the shipyard to see how Titanic and her sister ship, Olympic, were built. In a split-level gallery you can even “visit” the wreck, via huge high-definition screens and other interactive gizmos. Finally, the Ocean Exploration Centre offers high-tech exhibits on the science of sea exploration, including a live link to an undersea probe. Needless to say, an extremely well-stocked gift shop is at the end. Crowds can swell at busy times, so it’s advisable to book ahead in summer.