A 15-minute walk from the city center, this aquarium contains the most extensive collection of marine fauna in Europe, lying on the outmost reaches of the Nordnes district, with a panoramic view of the entrance to the port of Bergen. The exceptional marine life includes seals, penguins, lobsters, piranhas, and a "bearded" cod. Nothing is uglier than the Norwegian catfish, which wins all those most hideous-looking contests. In the outer hall you can get the feel of the fish -- dip your hand into the shallow pool of unpolluted water pumped up from a depth of 120m (394 ft.) in the fjord outside. Nine glass tanks, each containing about 236,250 liters (62,500 gallons) of water, ring the hall. Downstairs, a wide range of marine life in 42 small aquariums demonstrates many colorful forms of sea life and illustrates evolutionary development. Kids should enjoy the seal and penguin feeding time, daily at 11am, and 2 and 6pm in the summer, or in the winter daily at noon and 4pm. Every hour you can watch the 3D film SOS Planet, as well as Ivo Caprino's film about the Bergen Aquarium. Not only that, you can attend concerts and folkloric musical performances, a first for us in any aquarium.