Backed by Mount Triglav and the Julian Alps, the real drama of Bled Castle is its striking position atop a sheer cliff, 138m (460 ft.) up. The castle traces its history back to 1004, and was once the center of an important self-sufficient state measuring 900 sq. km (351 sq. miles), and ruled by the bishops of Brixen. Today it's the most obvious of Bled's attractions, but perhaps a little jaded because of various restoration projects over the centuries. It houses a recently revamped museum that traces the history of the region over many millennia, and there's a chapel with lovely original frescoes. But the real reward for making the journey to the top (around 15 min. by foot via three different paths, or 5 min. by car, after which there's still a stiff climb up the final stretch): Views from the castle ramparts are without equal. There's also a restaurant and ice-cream shop at the top, and if you want an unusual souvenir, you can bottle, cork, and label your own Slovenian vintage in the historic wine cellar.