The wood beams, lace tablecloths, warm service, and other grace notes of this welcoming bistro (the name roughly means “night owl”) do justice to the expertly prepared Bolognese classics that emerge from the kitchen. Light-as-a-feather tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce has a reputation as being some of the best in a city that’s famous for the dish, but all of the handmade pastas and succulent sauces are excellent; even the bread is house made and delicious. You’re best off putting yourself in the hands of the kitchen and opting for the very reasonably priced tasting menu, wine included. After a meal walk down Via Piella to see one of Bologna’s lesser-known but more intriguing sights, the Finestra, a shuttered window that surprisingly opens to a view over a canal, one of many that once flowed through the city.