Tucked down a side alley, this redbrick building with window boxes overflowing with bright-red geraniums looks pretty touristy, but inside you’ll find that it's mostly locals tucking into the traditional dishes that have been served here for over 30 years. Go with an appetite for dishes like waterzooi, Flemish stew, made with fish brought daily from the coast and accompanied by potatoes and in its own casserole dish. Other dishes include huge mounds of steaming mussels, a whole small chicken, or the typical carbonnade, a stew made of beef cooked in beer. As the lunchtime clientele leaves, the restaurant fills up with ladies and families tucking into waffles and coffee or hot chocolate. Service in the small, cozy rooms can be slow, but there's a good reason for this: all the dishes are cooked to order, and the place is always buzzing.