Brus Laguna is a genuine frontier town, mostly Miskito, where horses outnumber cars in the small grid of dirt streets and it's surrounded by a sea of swamp, mangroves, and savannah. The town clusters around a few blocks close to the covered main pier, but urban sprawl has added a smattering of houses and cattle ranches as far as 5km (3 miles) out into the wilderness. Electricity runs only from 9am to noon and 6 to 9pm, though several shops and hotels have generators. With the most frequent air service from La Mosquitia to the rest of Honduras, Brus Laguna has become the most modern settlement in the region after Puerto Lempira, though let's not forget that it's still the back of beyond.

The inland town's namesake lagoon is the second largest lagoon in La Mosquitia. It was originally named Brewer's Lagoon, after the pirate "Bloody Brewer," who used the inlet as his hideout. The lagoon is quite unique in that during the rainy season, it is filled with fresh water as the Sigre, Twas, and Patuca rivers flow into it, but is filled with salt water the rest of the year.