Dedicated to Belgium’s most famous singer and actor, Jacques Brel, this museum offers an overview of his life and work from his birth in 1929 to his death in 1978. Born into an affluent family, Brel composed songs on the piano as a child and made his first record in 1953; he then hotfooted it to Paris, touring almost incessantly for the next 15 years. Along the way he became one of Europe’s foremost singer-songwriters, famously morose and sentimental by turn. In 1966, he held his final concert at the Olympia Theatre in Brussels and moved to America for a spell. He died in Tahiti and is buried close to artist Paul Gauguin. Set up by his daughter, this place offers a smattering of Brel memorabilia, tracks from his albums, snippets from his movies, and an in-depth examination of his life. Hardened fans of the Belgian crooner and contemporary of Edith Piaf might also consider the 3-hour Brel-themed walking tour around central Brussels.