Considered one of the top chefs in Spain, Toño Pérez single-handedly made Extremadura a foodie destination. He did so by using hyper-local ingredients with great creativity. The now-famous Recinto breed of cattle supplies all the beef, while the pork comes from forest-grazed, acorn-munching Ibérico pigs. As for the vegetables, they’re whatever’s fresh at the market, meaning that the menu changes almost daily. If it’s on offer, be sure to try the loncheja, a wonderful mixture of jamón with squid, green salad, and curry sauce. The restaurant is also noted for its wine list and has been chosen several times as one the world’s best by Wine Spectator magazine. (Sommelier José Polo is Pérez's partner.) The setting is as elegant as the fare, a modern room hung with original paintings (by such masters as Andy Warhol and Georg Baselitz) and placed within the shell of a 15th-century palace. The Atrio is part of a luxury hotel (p.



). Reserve well in advance if you want to dine here.