If you’d have told me WASPy little Camden had some of the county’s best Thai food, I wouldn’t have believed you, but here’s Long Grain. The glossy food mags have all sung its praises (the restaurant’s Chicken Khao Soi soup was even a Bon Appétit cover girl in 2013), and the impossibility of a walk-in table most summer nights is a pretty good vote of confidence. In an expanded space around the corner from its original location, Long Grain has some bar seating for quicker ins-and-outs (even weekday lunches can be crowded), along with a small gourmet Asian grocery. Chefs Paula Palakawong and Ravin Nakjaroen turn out fragrant and flavorful dishes of ramen, pad seaw, and pad kemao (all with house-made noodles), along with terrific curries, pork dumplings, lemongrass mussels, and more. Long Grain pivoted to takeout in 2020 and stayed so busy, it was still in takeout-only mode as of this writing. The return of dining in depends on public health developments. Call way ahead for takeout.