Canggu is Seminyak's suburbia. First discovered by surfers looking for new waves outside of Kuta, Canggu's appearance has changed from rolling rice paddies and cattle farms to rows of luxury villas. However it still retains much of its village community feel -- a refreshing change from the car-laden streets of Seminyak. It's a 10-minute hop in a taxi from Seminyak. There is no public transportation here. Plenty of surfers head to the waves with their boards on bikes.

All activities in Canggu are based around surfing. This beach is not for the idle as there are a lot of rocky outcrops. Of the several surf breaks, Canggu (better known as Tugu; best swell: south/southwest; best size: 3 -- 5 ft.; best winds: east and no wind days) is a popular spot, best during the dry season, April to October. This wave offers punchy, rippable, and super-fun right and left beach break peaks for the masses, all punctuated by a few submarine rocks and marine visitors. This is an early morning wave as lunch time winds are too strong. On lighter wind days you can surf it until dusk. Canggu is often crowded at dawn during the dry season. Look for windless days in the wet season for some off-season respite.

Echo Beach is just north of the surf break and makes for an easy laid-back day in the sand or on a sun lounger. Sunday nights light up with families and live music.