The Newman of Newman’s 988 is John, the first chef to put Stephanie Inn on the coastal culinary map. He opened his own fine-dining restaurant in a small yellow cottage in “midtown” Cannon Beach. Part of the experience of a meal here is the presentation, which is less fussy than it used to be at Stephanie Inn. The menu is French- and Italian-inspired but relies exclusively on the freshest ingredients of the Pacific Northwest. For appetizers, try the foie gras pasta with Oregon black truffle mushrooms or the crab cakes with parsley, lemon, and shallot aioli. There is a daily ravioli, and lobster ravioli, one of Newman’s signature dishes, is always on the menu (keep in mind that lobster is not and never has been harvested in the Pacific Ocean; it comes from the East Coast). Duck breast; marinated lamb rack; and beef medallions with pancetta, onions, and Gorgonzola are typical entree choices. Newman also offers a daily tasting menu and a selection of wines to accompany your meal.