Overnight in a museum—that’s what a stay at this rambling, old inn, and former general store, feels like. The store in the front room is still intact, fully stocked with items that would have been for sale throughout its history, starting in 1898. Small sitting rooms are filled with period furniture and fascinating odds and ends, and from time to time, live musicians come by to play tunes. Some of the bedrooms and suites are cozy nooks with sloped ceilings tucked away in what seems like an endless warren of hallways and corners. Some are self-sufficient, with kitchenettes and separate entrances while others require a trip across the hall to get to the bathroom. Behind the house, a trail leads to the isolated bay and the lonely beach where shorebirds feed and oysters grow in the shallow waters. Wake up to a homemade breakfast that will get you on your way… if you can stand to leave.