Nestled between two green hillsides that dip into the ocean is an inviting quarter mile stretch of sand that feels like a discovery every time you descend along the narrow path through the trees. This is your beach, if you camp at MacLeod’s Beach Campsite. Just north of Inverness lies a green field where you can pitch a tent or drive a rig onto the grass. The open field offers little privacy, but there are more secluded sites in the trees. The same family runs the Inverness Beach Village, ★ a compound between the two golf courses of 41simple, dated housekeeping cottages (C$110-C$160)—small, brown shed-like buildings with small windows and decks set in a large field with spectacular views—and the romantic 6-room MacLeod Inn ★★ (with wrap-around veranda and 5 modern, comfortable rooms with quiet artwork and sheer curtains to enjoy the leafy, green surroundings) tucked away on a wooded hill before the campground (C$140-C$150). If you aren’t equipped to camp, look into these two alternatives on their website.