The ribald atmosphere and boho craziness—no, madness—make this one of the best-loved dining spots in Cape Town. Great-value comfort food is a reliable accompaniment to the circus-meets-antique shop ambiance (plus there are hard to ignore deals on drinks). It’s all cleverly designed for a slightly wild night out, perfectly accessible to Cape Town's mischief-making younger crowd, and the resulting atmosphere lends itself to a night of fun rather than gourmet dining. Expect comfort food such as finger-licking sticky ribs and extravagant seafood pastas; you could also do far worse than to sink your teeth into the venison fillet medallions or slow-roasted lamb shanks. The rump with chili-chocolate sauce might be the house's most famous dish (it's not on the menu, but you'll hear it offered), but slow-roasted springbok shanks and ostrich babotie (a spiced rice dish) are a couple of the tastier dishes to consider. Leave inhibitions at the door and fall into the part-charming, part-wacky embrace of the welcoming team of young servers while your eyes take in all kinds of assorted paraphernalia bulging from every available surface. It's cluttered and cheerful, so arrive ready for a fiesta.