There are a few culinary dogs along the main strip that runs through Green Point, but Sloppy Sam is a gem that's somehow managed to remain a bit of a secret. It retains its warm soul, with a tucked-away sensibility despite being in a pretty popular neighborhood with plenty of foot traffic. Hooman Saffarian emigrated from Iran at the end of the 1970s, bringing his passion for food and his special culinary flair with him. His very personal, intimate restaurant is done out like a pantry—it's piled up with specially imported ingredients, while the walls are decorated with remembrances from the land of his birth. Tasty aromas pour out of the kitchen as Hooman uses the freshest lamb and fish in his unique Persian- and Greek-inspired homestyle cooking. The lamb shank is the hands-down favorite, even among try-hard "mostly vegetarians." Come hungry and get stuck in at your table (afterwards you can congratulate Hooman personally in his open-plan kitchen).