If you’ve always wanted to romp with penguins, stroke a leopard seal, climb aboard a snowmobile, explore a snow cave, and feel the icy wind chills of Antarctica, this is probably as close as you’ll ever get. Everything about this attraction is of superb value and you’ll get a particular thrill from the live penguin display. It takes more of a geographic/natural history approach than the Canterbury Museum’s Antarctic exhibition, and if you see both, you’ll have a healthy appreciation for life on the ice. Considered one of New Zealand’s leading attractions, it gives you a feel for modern Antarctic life through sophisticated sound-and-light shows, a spine-tingling audiovisual presentation, and interactive exhibits. The center is suitable for visits of 30 minutes or half a day, but spending 1 to 2 hours is ideal. Two wheelchairs are available for use by the public. The Antarctic Hagglund Ride is the only one of its type in the world. Its 15-minute tour gives you a unique insight into the planning of Antarctic journeys. It’s a big hit with kids.