85 miles NW of Roseburg, 50 miles S of Florence, 24 miles N of Bandon

With a population of around 35,000, the Coos Bay area, consisting of the towns of Coos Bay, North Bend, and Charleston, is the largest urban center on the Oregon coast. Coos Bay and North Bend are the bay's commercial center and have merged into a single large town, while nearby Charleston maintains its distinct character as a small fishing port.

As the largest natural harbor between San Francisco and Puget Sound, Coos Bay has long been an important port. Logs, wood chips, and wood products are the main export. However, shipments of wood products have been down for more than a decade, and in response to the economic downturn of the port, the bay area has been working hard to attract both more tourists and more industry. In downtown Coos Bay, there is an attractive waterfront boardwalk, complete with historical displays, and what was once a huge lumber mill is now the site of the equally large Mill Resort & Casino.

Even if it isn't the most beautiful town on the Oregon coast, Coos Bay has a lot of character and quite a few tourist amenities, including a few decent restaurants, moderately priced motels, and even a few B&Bs. But what makes Coos Bay a town not to be missed is its proximity to a trio of picturesque state parks.