Northwest of Sligo Bay, this tiny, uninhabited island shelters an ancient past. The haunting ruins of St. Molaise, a 6th-century monastic settlement that was destroyed by the Vikings in 807, stands within its circular walls. You can still see the remains of several churches, beehive cells, altars, and an assemblage of “cursing stones” once used to bring ruin on those who presumably deserved it. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, however, Inishmurray harbored a different identity: a thriving illicit trade in the distilling of moonshine whiskey. The last permanent residents left the island in 1948; their ruined houses can still be seen, battered by the elements. Boat trips to the island are operated by Inishmurray Island Trips (; 087/254-0190) and Ewing’s Sea Angling and Boat Charters (; 086/891-3618). Expect to pay around €45 adults, €40 children, and you may need a minimum group size of four. Call or visit the websites for details of sailing times.