45 miles SE of Athens; 90 miles E of Atlanta; 55 miles W of Augusta; 20 miles SE of Washington

The moment you arrive in sleepy Crawfordville, you experience déjà vu. You've been to this town before, or at least you feel you have. If you're a moviegoer, you may have seen the Main Street of Crawfordville many times. Locals have dubbed it the Tinseltown of East Georgia. It's been used in a number of films--Summer of My German Soldier, a 1940s tale with Kristy McNichol, Coward of the County with Kenny Rogers and Dan Biggers, Paris Trout with Dennis Hopper and Barbara Hershey, and Passion for Justice, with Jane Seymour portraying a newspaper editor. It's also been used as a backdrop for Carolina Skeletons, with Lou Gosset, Jr. and Bruce Dern, and Neon Bible, with Gena Rowlands.

Since the days of the Depression, no one could afford to make any improvements on the Main Street, so it exists today as a living monument to the early 1930s.

Crawfordville lies only 2 miles off I-20, about midway between Atlanta and Augusta. Take Exit 55 and go north on Highway 22 for 2 miles. Go east on U.S. 278 1 mile to Crawfordville.