As your nose will tell you as you walk up the hill, this casual restaurant just outside the old Moorish gate specializes in wood-grilled meat and vegetables. You can sit indoors at the bar or in the dining room, but you might be alone, as almost everyone gravitates to the casual tables outside. If you have to wait for a table, get a drink at the bar and carry it across the street to the scenic overlook to enjoy great views of the city. None of the savory, smoky meat will put much of a dent in your budget. Beef sirloin steak or a plate of four lamb chops is about as expensive as it gets (less than 17€), and big plates of grilled asparagus that have been drizzled in olive oil are less than half that. Zarajos are a popular bar snack here, usually heavily dosed with black pepper and accompanied by a glass of cold beer.