Dine directly on the glittering Curaçao harbor in what may be the island's most romantic setting, on a terrace atop the Riffort, a 56-cannon fort built in 1828 to protect the entrance to St. Anna Bay, and now a shopping/dining complex. Serving French and Swiss specialties, Bistro Le Clochard brings an air of cosmopolitan formality to Curaçao, with an impressive selection of (mostly French) wines and classic—and classically prepared—specialities, which sometimes are given a playful twist, like filet of sole with smoked foie gras and fizzy Parmesan foam. You might start with a crowd-pleasing Swiss fondue, an impeccable French onion soup, or crepes stuffed with seafood ragout and drizzled with hollandaise sauce au gratin. Mains include veal tenderloin in a creamy vin blanc sauce, or lobster tail with sage-butter sauce. If you don't want to splurge on the food, you can still enjoy the same splendid setting—watching as ships cut through a wide swath of blue sea—over cocktails and live music in the lounge and open-air bar.