One of the locals' favorite places on the island, this little hot spot is only open on Friday. It's located in the al fresco stable of a small horse farm (Ye-I Ranch) in Jan Thiel, hence the name. Equus has no menu, no plates, and no cutlery—just grilled chicken and beef hung on skewers above candlelit picnic tables. The meat kebabs are barbecued over hot coals and delivered to the table hot, tender, and juicy. Your fingers do the foraging. Beer and wine are the liquid accompaniment, and that's about it for the menu (other than bread). Napkins are de rigueur. If Equus is too packed, head over to the island's other "skewers" restaurant, Pincho Garden (Caracasbaaiweg 214; 599/9-528-1234), where you can get actual sides—fresh Portuguese salad, corn on the cob, coleslaw—with your meat. Equus doesn't take reservations, and you may have a wait for a table, so get there early.