The centuries-long Dutch occupation left its mark on the island any number of ways, including in the kitchen. But the international port of Curaçao truly is a culinary mashup. Latin influences seep in from nearby Central America, and West Indian flavors blow in on the tradewinds. Why, Curaçao probably has more Chinese restaurants than any other island in the Caribbean. But Gouverneur de Rouville manages the neat trick of pulling off a number of culinary styles quite deliciously. The fact that it does so in an impressive 19th-century structure in a breezy location overlooking St. Anna Bay—well, even better. Sit on the long wooden outdoor terrace and trot the globe with deftly prepared garlic shrimp, Cuban banana soup, spaghetti pesto, quesadilla, grilled fish, and its own version of the local specialty keshi yena, a mound of baked cheese more or less stuffed with aromatic chicken and prunes. This is a wonderful place to sip a beer, check your Wi-Fi (free access), and watch big ships shuffle in and out of the harbor.