Named for the local language's word for "eat," this warmly lit, smart-looking restaurant serves food on two tiers of a house in trendy Pietermaai. It boasts an exceptional melting-pot, chef-driven menu that's attuned to the seasons and the island's range of ethnic influences—not to mention the creative whims of Chef David McHugh. All the dishes are prepared from scratch, featuring such recent winners as fresh-off-the-boat crispy Curaçao red snapper, pretzel-dusted calamari, grilled short ribs with brandy-infused hoisin, and angelhair pasta with Cajun shrimp and spicy tasso ham. The witty "KFC & Kimchi" is fried chicken with spicy cabbage, cukes, and a ginger vinaigrette. A sesame miso salad is a crunchy delight of cashews, apples, carrots, and bean sprouts. It's a little pricey, but you can make a meal out of the small plates, and every Wednesday night is tapas night, with an irresistable selection that includes shrimp tempura, truffled risotto, spicy potato croquettes, and fried chicken and waffles.