The eats are cheap and über-local at the Old Market Food Court, which means you may be dipping into the flavors of Venezuela (just 35 miles away), the West Indies, and the Netherlands (the island’s former Dutch overseers) in one sitting. It’s first come, first served at communal tables (topped with floral oilcloth tablecloths) in an open-air, covered shed lined on one side with individual food stands, most offering similar lunch menus with a distinctly Latino/Creole (and meat-centric) bent. Practically all platters—from goat stew to chicken curry to stewed iguana to salt fish—come with interesting sides that roam the region: rice and peas, fungi (cornmeal polenta), pumpkin pancakes, fried plantains. As local food goes, it’s filling, plentiful, definitely greasy, and often quite good. Plus you’re directly supporting the locals, many of whom haul their own pots and pans to the market daily.