When Dutch-born Jolanda van den Berg moved to Cusco in 1996, she took in 12 Peruvian street children. Soon after, she opened two homes for girls through her foundation Niños Unidos Peruanos. Her message of goodwill has not slowed one bit since then, and today she cares for 600 disadvantaged children with the help of 80 helpers. Funding comes from the five restaurants she runs, plus this lovely hotel in a restored colonial building about 10 minutes from the Plaza de Armas. Each of the large rooms, which surround a pleasant courtyard, feature hardwood floors, beamed ceilings, comfy beds, and original artwork. The hotel has been so successful—reservations are a must as it sometimes fills up six months out—that another 20-room sister hotel has been added two blocks away. There's also an annex with a set of apartments for longer stays. The valley retreat Niños Hotel Hacienda (rates start at $90 and include transportation, a tour of the relatively unexplored local ruins, and lunch and dinner) is located in the town of Huasao, just 30 minutes from Cusco, where few tourists ever venture. It's a nice option for those wanting to get a little bit off the tourist trail.