Best Restaurants in Cusco

Visitors to Cusco have a huge array of restaurants and cafes at their disposal; eateries have sprouted up even faster than hostales and bars, and most are clustered around the main drags leading from Plaza de Armas. Many of the city's most popular res...  Read more >

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Fromm-rating-1star Price Name Cuisine Neighborhood
Icon_dollar2 A Mi Manera PERUVIAN Plaza de Armas
Icon_dollar2 Calle del Medio PERUVIAN Plaza de Armas
Icon_dollar2 ChiCha NOVO ANDINA Centro Histórico
Icon_dollar2 Cicciolina MEDITERRANEAN San Blas
Icon_dollar2 Cross Keys Pub BRITISH, INTERNATIONAL Plaza de Armas
Icon_dollar1 Granja Heidi VEGETARIAN, CAFÉ San Blas
Icon_dollar2 Greens VEGETARIAN, HEALTH FOOD Plaza de Armas
Icon_dollar2 Inka Grill PERUVIAN Plaza de Armas
Icon_dollar1 Jack's Café Bar Cafe Around Town
Icon_dollar1 Jack’s Café Bar CAFÉ, INTERNATIONAL San Blas
Icon_dollar2 La Bodega PIZZA, ITALIAN Centro Histórico
Icon_dollar1 La Chomba ANDEAN Centro Histórico
Icon_dollar2 Limo Cocina Peruana & Pisco Bar PERUVIAN, SUSHI Plaza de Armas
Icon_dollar1 Macondo NOVO ANDINA, INTERNATIONAL San Blas
Icon_dollar2 MAP Café NOVO ANDINA San Blas
Icon_dollar2 Pachapapa ANDEAN, PIZZA San Blas
Icon_dollar1 Quinta Eulalia ANDEAN San Blas
Icon_dollar3 Senzo NOVO ANDINA San Blas
Icon_dollar1 The Muse CAFÉ Plaza de Armas