This engaging museum chronicles the history of Derry from the earliest times to the 21st century. It’s located in O’Doherty Tower, a reconstructed medieval fortress originally built in the early 17th century (rather wonderfully to pay off a tax debt, rather than for any specific defensive purpose). The Story of Derry exhibition presents a chronology of life in the city from the first monastic settlers through the Plantation era, up to the turbulent 20th century, when the city was a focus of the civil rights movement. The main attraction, however, is the large, multi-floor exhibition An Armada Shipwreck, which tells the story of La Trinidad Valencera, part of the massive Spanish Armada that attempted to invade England in 1588. Separated from the main fleet, the ship sank during a storm. Four hundred years later the wreck was salvaged, together with an extraordinary hoard of treasure including clothes, shoes, pottery, cannons, goblets, and other items that reveal tantalizing glimpses of life on board.