Kids run loose in this miniature carnival-style amusement area with a midway, Fossil Fun Games (Mammoth skee-ball races, “Whac-a-Packycephaolosaur”) and two simple family rides. TriceraTop Spin ★, for the very young, is yet another iteration of the Dumbo ride over at Magic Kingdom and is designed for kids to ride with their parents. Cars fit four, in two rows. Primeval Whirl ★ is a pair of mirror-image, family-friendly carnival-style coasters (FYI, Walt hated carnivals) that start out like a typical “wild mouse” ride before, mid-trip, the round cars begin spinning on an axle as they ride the rails. Think of it as a roller-coaster version of the teacup ride. You can plainly see what you’re in for, although you may be surprised at how roughly the movements can whip your neck. Don’t feel bad if you give it a miss, too, because it’s not a Disney original; it was made by a French company that sells similar rides to other parks. Keep the kids in control by swinging them across the path to The Boneyard ★, a hot, sun-exposed playground where the very young can dig up “prehistoric” bones in the sand and work off energy on catwalks, net courses, and slides.