A quick visit here affords a chance to learn about the history of education in Dubai. Teaching in the U.A.E. was originally done by religious men called Al-Muttawa in private homes and was limited to the religious teachings of the Holy Koran, writing, arithmetic, and Arabic calligraphy. In the early 20th century, the Al Ahmadiya and other semi-formal schools began to open, offering students instruction in literature and various sciences, in addition to religion. Students were grouped by their age and ability to memorize the Koran, and typically sat on mats rather than at desks. In 1956, Dubai adopted a formal education system, and the Al Ahmadiya school introduced classrooms and more subjects, such as English, sociology, and science. The number of students rapidly expanded after this time, and the school moved to a new location to accommodate more pupils. This makes for an interesting stop while exploring some of the nearby souks.