Well, this is a novel way to spend Saturday night. Part live theater, part museum, this homage to Dublin-born author Bram Stoker is set up as a tour of “Castle Dracula,” through a series of elaborately constructed sets and tunnels. Costumed actors try to scare you and make you laugh in almost equal measure, while you learn more about Bram Stoker and the Dracula phenomenon along the way. (They even have a real lock of Stoker’s hair, allegedly taken from his corpse by his wife). The tour ends in an underground auditorium made to look like a spooky graveyard, where you watch a live show that includes comedy and two magicians. The emphasis overall is on laughs rather than scares (although there are a few of the latter, so no kids under 14 are allowed—nor are pregnant women, supposedly, although who are they kidding?). You meet at the reception lobby of the Westwood Club, a modern gym, which somehow adds to the bizarreness of the whole experience. Tickets must be booked in advance. Clontarf DART station is right next door, or it’s about a 15-minute cab ride from the center of Dublin.