A perennial kid-pleaser, this modern, humane zoo in Phoenix Park provides a home for more than 235 species of wild animals and tropical birds. The animals live inside a series of realistically created habitats such as the African Savanna, home to giraffes, rhinos, and ostriches; the Gorilla Rainforest, a 12,000 sq. m (7[bf]1/2 sq. mile) enclosure that houses five lowland gorillas; Asian Forest, home to Sumatran tigers and lions; the South American House, with an eclectic range of almost unbearably cute species, including tiny pygmy marmosets and two-toed sloths; and the new Pacific Coast, where you can watch sea lions swim underwater and a flamingo aviary is big enough for the gracious birds to take flight. Playgrounds and gift shops are scattered throughout. Feeding times and scheduled talks are posted on the zoo’s website (several times daily Mar–Sept; weekends only Oct–Feb). A restaurant is on site, as well as plenty of smaller cafes and picnic areas for those who prefer to bring their own meals.