Covering the history of Dublin from the Viking age through medieval times, this child-friendly history experience is presented as a series of interactive tableaux—complete with sound effects, smells, and audio “reconstructions” of olde worlde Dublin. (They’re such effective earworms, in fact, that adults may find themselves thinking about them months later.) Kids can try on clothes like the ones their ancestors may have worn, or even find themselves placed in the Dublin stocks. Check the website for details of special tours, with costumed guides, and other family-friendly activities. Climb the 96 steps to the top of the new viewing tower, which was once part of the (now otherwise vanished) medieval Church of St. Michael the Archangel. Dublinia is right across from Christ Church Cathedral, making this an excellent payoff for any little ones who patiently trudged around that historic but austere building. You'll save money when you buy combined tickets for the two.