Anyone interested in Ireland’s struggle for independence from British rule should not miss visiting this former prison. Within these walls, political prisoners were incarcerated, tortured, and killed from 1796 until 1924. The leaders of the 1916 Easter Uprising were executed here, along with many others. Future president Eamon de Valera was its final prisoner. An exhibition illuminates the brutal history of the Irish penal system; there’s also a well-presented historical film. An art gallery on the top floor houses thought-provoking exhibitions. To walk along these corridors through the grim exercise yard, or to venture into the walled compound, is a moving (at times even overwhelming) experience that will linger in your memory. Only a limited number of tickets are sold each day, and visits are by guided tour only. Prebooking online is the best way to guarantee you’ll get in on the day of your choice, especially in summer.