The eastern region of the comarca is visited less frequently by tourists than the El Porvenir area. Travelers can expect to find here a higher level of biodiversity and wilder natural surroundings; according to Smithsonian scientists, the islands that dot the coast feature the highest diversity of coral species in Panama, yet this region, too, has suffered from overfishing. If you're lucky, however, you might see dolphins, manta rays, and manatees. Kuna villages in this region, especially Corazón de Jesús, are significantly more westernized, and the people who live here don less traditional clothing, live in modern buildings, and participate in modern pastimes like watching TV. If you'd like to visit a traditional village in this region, your best bet is the tidy Isla Tigre, which was the site of the violent overthrow of Panamanian forces in 1925, when the Kuna first asserted their independent authority over the region. Isla Tigre is a little less than 5km (3 miles) east of Corazón de Jesús. This village, along with Playón Chico and Mamitupo, has landing strips with flights from Panama City; Aeroperlas has flights from El Porvenir to Corazón de Jesús three times a week. Otherwise, it is difficult to access this region from the western side of the comarca.

You'll find the Comarca Kuna Yala's most deluxe lodging in this region, at the Dolphin Lodge and the Sapibenega Lodge, or you can tour the region in kayaks with the outfitter Xtrop, which has a special license to visit the area's pristine regions. Lodges mentioned in this section include tours in the immediate area in the price; note that there is nowhere to stay on Corazón de Jesús.