Martin Wishart's Michelin-starred eponymous restaurant down in Leith's revamped docklands might be on the formal side, but at his city center brasserie everything loosens up a bit. Ian Smith Design's interiors jump from Las Vegas to Dubai via Paris: bold and gold geometric brasserie bling with a dash of razzle dazzle (think bright turquoise banquettes, a broad black and white striped tiled floor, and honey-hued walls) in the bar. The name, incidentally, is a nod to Sir Walter Scott, who lived nearby and rediscovered the Scottish Crown Jewels known as the Honours of Scotland, which had gone missing for a century. (They had been hidden, it turns out, from the pesky English in an old oak chest in Edinburgh Castle). The menu features a traditional lunchtime prix fixe menu, with oysters and scallops and a lengthy grill section. Along with Donald Russell grass-fed and dry-aged beef, there's a select-breeds option that includes Black Angus cattle of Creekstone Farm and shorthorns from the Glenarm Estate. The chateaubriand served with duck fat chips, fried onion rings, green salad, and sauce béarnaise comes with an eye-watering price tag. But whatever you do, don't miss the sublime crab cappuccino (served,  thankfully, in a large bowl instead of a coffee cup), with chunks of succulent crab submerged in a creamy bisque and topped, of course, with foam.