Ask anyone who lives here and they'll tell you: Florida is a long state. If you drive from Jacksonville to the southernmost point in Key West, it'll take 10 hours at least -- without traffic. Same goes for the tedious drive from Miami to the Panhandle.

Thankfully, there are flights throughout the state that make exploration much easier. Don't tear your hair out if you can't get from Disney to the Everglades in the same trip. Set your sights on what you want to do and see the most, and simply unwind -- this is, after all, a holiday. You can always come back. In fact, return visits are highly encouraged!

The range of possible itineraries is endless; what we've suggested is a very full program covering Florida over a 2-week period. If possible, you should extend your time -- 2 weeks is not really enough time if you plan to actually explore the Sunshine State, but if you plan to veg out on a beach, then it's plenty of time -- or cut out some of the destinations suggested. You can always tack on one itinerary to the next. We've done our best to keep these itineraries geographically viable and logical. If you need ideas for what to include, you can use our Best Bets highlights to work out a route that covers those experiences or sights that really appeal to you. Whatever you finally decide to do, we highly recommend that you at least include a stop at one of Florida's natural wonders, be it the beaches, the Everglades, or the Keys.

Important: Should limited time force you to include only the most obvious stops in your itinerary, you will make contact mainly with those who depend on you to make a living, which regrettably could leave you with a frustrated sense that Florida is one big, long tourist trap. This is why it is so important to get off the beaten tourist track, to experience the wacky, the kitschy, the stunning, the baffling, and the fascinating people, places, and things that make this state one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world.

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