Yo, cuz! Steve Martorano is quite the piece of work—a big tattooed lug of a South Philly DJ-turned-restaurant guy who set up shop in a strip mall on a busy thoroughfare in 1993, and went on to become a Lauderdale icon. His café is loud, it’s festive, it’s glitzy black-and-mirrors, complete with disco ball, and the menu is tasty Italian-American soul food all the way (the meatballs especially have a deserved rep). Honestly, it’s turned into a bit of a mozzarella-cheesy shtick by now, and it’s not everyone’s cup of chianti, but the place remains a crowd pleaser and even something of a celebrity magnet (hey, there’s now a CM at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood as well as at the Rio in Las Vegas, so they’re obviously pushing the right buttons, goombah).