Do I really have to spell it out for you? Alrighty then—the word “rustic” in the name isn’t just a marketing ploy—this seafood joint just west of the airport has been kicking around since the year Disneyland opened, and the fact that it has practically zero ambience doesn’t bother anybody a whit. Sitting in a noisy, woody dining room with a checkerboard linoleum floor and hanging lobster traps (or outside on the covered deck next to a canal), all they care about is whacking away at crustaceans with wooden mallets. The house specialty is garlic crabs—[“]world-famous,” they aver—but there’s plenty else on the menu (lots but not all of it fried, and not all of it fish, shrimp, or mollusks). A word of advice: If you do go for the crabs, don’t wear anything you wouldn’t want to see ruined.