The young, the trendy, and just the plain old hungry stand in line for a table at this popular pizza joint in the middle of Galway City. It’s a heartwarming tale: Three local boys, in love with Italian cooking since a family trip to Naples as kids, start a food truck after one of them loses his job. Fast-forward a few years and that truck has become a fully-fledged restaurant, serving delicious, fresh, wood-baked pizza to hordes of hungry locals. You might go for a classic Neapolitan, with tomato, fresh basil, and buffalo mozzarella, but if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, how about the “Hail Caesar,” with lemon chicken, smoked pancetta, and arugula? Or the spicy, Indian-influenced Tandoori, with tikka-style chicken pieces, chili, and raita (mint and cucumber yogurt)? The dining room is small and informal, and they don’t take reservations, so you will probably have to stand in line on Friday and Saturday nights—or do the other traditional thing and get it to go!