Just try to beat this for an authentic Irish food experience. With its deliciously old-fashioned red-and-gold frontage (just try and pass without taking a picture) and dimly lit, quirky little dining room, it’s a cozy and atmospheric place. The menu consists of pies, pies, and more pies, in light, fresh pastry crusts. There are a couple of sweet options, but most are savory with hot, fresh fillings of meat and vegetables, such as roast beef, curried chicken, chicken and mushroom, or sausage and mozzarella. Super-traditional sides come in the form of creamy mashed potatoes and garden peas. And if by some miracle you have room for dessert, try the amazing banoffee pie, a heavenly combination of whipped cream, banana, and toffee, with a crumbly base. Pies can also be ordered to go.