In the pine forest south of Gyeongpo Beach is the Chodang Soondubu Village, known for its soon dubu. The soon dubu from this region is unique in that it's made from water from the East Sea, which gives it a soft, light texture. Usually the soft tofu is served in a big bowl with a side of yangnyeom ganjang (seasoned soy sauce) for flavor. There are over a dozen restaurants in the "village" that specialize in the tofu dish.

There are plenty of other restaurants where you can get inexpensive Korean cuisine. Western food is more difficult to find. There are some fast-food, pizza, and fried chicken restaurants, mostly near the city center and some scattered near the beaches.

Since the region isn't well known for its rice, the restaurants here tend to have noodles made of buckwheat, potato pancakes, and foods from other starches. Also, since Gangneung is a seaside town, there is no shortage of hwae restaurants along the coast.

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