The world’s most extensive and prestigious watch collection is housed in an elegant museum belonging to the renowned local timepiece makers, Patek Philippe. Geneva has led the world in watchmaking ever since austere Calvinist times, and Patek Philippe is one of the city's most venerated companies. On the ground floor, you can see over 200 machines and tools used by watchmakers, engravers, and goldsmiths over the centuries. The second floor contains the Patek Philippe Collection, while the third floor boasts a display of 16th- to 19th-century European and Swiss watches, which include a number of exquisitely ornamental enameled timepieces. I especially love the unique astronomical watch dating from the 1660s, the bejeweled animal-shaped timepieces on the third floor, and the most expensive and complicated watch ever made, the Calibre 89, which holds pride of place on the second floor. On the fourth floor, don't miss the fascinating display devoted to the measurement of time throughout the ages.